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LANG-0001 (1984-05) : IBM PC Cobol 1.00
OPSY-0003 (1982-05) : IBM PC DOS 1.10
OPSY-0001 (1985-05) : IBM PC DOS 3.10
OPSY-0002 (1986-03) : IBM PC DOS 3.20
DIAG-0001 (1984-06) : IBM AT Diagnostics 1.02
SPSH-0001 (1984-05) : Microsoft Multiplan 1.2
WOPR-0001 (1984-06) : Microsoft Word 1.1
TEXT-0001 (1994-12) : Playboy interview dec 1994: Bill Gates Link is broken by Playboy, sorry! mirror
For the moment I'm not interested in actual disks (virtu, virtue, virtual). 
Just unsorted directory listings by e-mail are fine (copyright problems, etc.). 
Please add any info about The Software that seems appropriate for a Museum: 
who is the owner (of the license), is it an original disk or a copy, 
what is on the label (GIF or JPEG of the label or even of the full disk is also 
welcome), is it a US or a Japanese version, etc. I will put all this on the 
page, including a thank you to the provider. If you have any other ideas about 
what The Software Museum should show, please let me know.

P.S.1:  I use "DIR A:\ /S > C:\PCDOS320.DIR" to create a file PCDOS320.DIR 
        in the root directory of my C: that holds the output of the dir-command. 
        If there are more disks, use ">>" instead of ">" for the next disks, to 
        append the output to the same file. Then e-mail this file, either as 
        text or as an attachement.

P.S.2:  If you can, also include the Copyright-message from the main file (for 
        DOS that's COMMAND.COM), I like to include that in the header of the 
        listing. I use Vernon D. Buerg's LIST.COM to read the Copyright-area in 
        the COMMAND.COM. So "LIST A:COMMAND.COM", switch on line wrapping, 
        "F copyr", and just copy what's there. You'll find an example of an 
        IBM/Microsoft copyright message in the header of my PC-DOS 3.20 page.


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